FROGS/SHOTGUN 4-player cartridge (+2 Joystick Ports) - A great C64/C128 cartridge is coming soon

Most of you C64 and C128 owners will probably like this news, as Dr. Wuro Industries has announced that the 4 player games Frogs and Shotgun, will be coming soon as a dual game cartridge, containing +2 joystick ports for double the player fun. If you remember these two games, that's because Frogs was announced by us earlier in the year developed by Christian Gleinser of Dr. Wuro Industries, and Shotgun Xmas Edition as a 2-4 player arena death match game.

Shotgun is a really nice 4 player game that is packed with content containing lots of guns to be picked up and fired at your friends until you reach your target score. But it isn't just a single match area either, as each arena could be played in multiple colour schemes and multiple game modes. Basically as we said before, Shotgun is a multiplayer death match. Whether it was Quake 3, Call of Duty, or Bomberman 64, blowing up friends is probably the pinnacle of pure joy by. Dr. Wuro industries!

As for the next game you can play which can be selected via a nice little menu (even with background music!). Frogs was also developed by Dr. Wuro Industries and is classed as a 4 player arcade game in which you play as a little frog that has to jump across from rock to lily pad, while trying not to fall in as the lily pads vanish. But as an extra bit of fun factor, you also have a powerful tongue that if used at the right time can knock your opponent into the water with a big splash! So basically Frogs is a lovely game to play that everyone in the family would enjoy!

So if this rather nice cartridge interests you, head on over to the main forum post and check it out, as it will be 34.90 EUR for the Boxed Version and 24.90 EUR for just-the-cartridge edition (shipping not included) with a release date due between August and September.

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