Cascade Quest - Classic inspired adventure game coming early 2018!

Ladies and Gentlemen the 1980's adventure graphical style is BACK! That's right, there's a game that has just appeared in our news feeds that looks very much like the oldest Kings Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest games right out of the 80's. Welcome to ' Cascade Quest ' by IceFallGames, a game built in the classic Sierra adventure game style, in which you as the player embark on an epic adventure though forests, mountains and mysterious lairs, on a mission of escape and retribution!

According to the developer you'll be able to interact with a cast of Pacific Northwest characters and beasts - from evil, to strange, to cuddly - all the while solving puzzles to outwit your enemies and accomplish your goals. But beware as this is true to form a sierra inspiration, you can die many times in the most violent of ways that will cause you to either laugh or cry. Yes falling in Lava is painful!

Cascade Quest - Coming early 2018 to PC and MAC Featuring

  • Many graphic ways to die
  • Glorious undithered "EGA" graphics
  • A caveman text parser to satisfy your every command
  • Lots of challenging (but fair) puzzles
  • Glaciers, sausage, particle accelerators, lava, avalanches, and a goat

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