Kingdoms and Castles - A charming city builder is now available via GOG/Steam!

When I was a youngster one of my most favourite pass times was to build mighty castles, look after my peasants with food and housing, and defend them from attacking foes. This is probably why I was so hooked on games such as Castles and even The Settlers. So to find a game that is very similar but with dragons and vikings, in a world of charming detail I just had to give it a mention. This is Kingdoms and Castles, a brand new city builder developed by Lion Shield, that is now available to buy on both GOG and Steam!

Kingdoms and Castles does look very charming as a city/village builder, it has all the mechanics found in most games of this type, but I really like the fact that you can build very impressive castles using a flexible castle design system to enable you to best protect your kingdom and express your glory and power as a king or queen. The game also feels like a living breathing world as not only does it have a stylised procedural cloud system, but a season cycle from summer to winter, a realistic tree growth algorithm simulates the forests AND wildlife such as birds flying about the landscape.

Thus with all these features listed, it all sounds so awesome in Kingdoms and Castles, a city builder set in the viking age, that deserves your hard earned coins!

Links : 1) GOG 2) Steam

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