Assembly Summer 2017 - Gamedev competition games to play!

This Summer didn't just bring us the start of the ZX-Dev conversions compo, but we were kindly informed the other day that the Assembly Summer 2017 computer festival had finished and lots of demo's were shown off as a result. In fact it wasn't just music, graphics and scene demos that made an appearance, but there was also a gamedev compo which his since given many the chance to download and play ranging from a 1st place winner Crisis Wing - Caravan Edition by Pieslice Productions to the last place Bulldozage Inc. by Team Bulldozage.

Although I wasn't able to play the 1st place winner Crisis Wing as I don't have a MAC and that's the only files I can find, you can clearly see in the video above compared to the other entries why this came 1st place. Not only does it look like a blast to play taking us back to the Arcade days of top scrolling shooters, but the graphics are very retro appealing too!

Links : 1) Source 2) Games 3) Files

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