Deep Blue - Errazking's ZX Spectrum game takes us deep underwater

This took us completely by surprise as only today we found out that Errazking had launched a new ZX Spectrum game called 'Deep Blue', which was developed using 3D GameMaker, a piece of software originally published by Crl for Spectrum in 1987. This game which takes place deep in the underwater depths and give us a gameplay experience to that of an Isometric Ultimate Play the Game title. Features a character in scuba gear on the hunt for an immense treasure held in a gigantic Titan.

Now remember when I said Ultimate Play the Game? Well this game is very very similar to the games released by that company, from the style of movement, to each room being in an isometric viewpoint, some containing deadly traps and even moving enemies. What I really like about this game however isn't just the detail of each room, but the fact you do have a means to defend yourself by shooting at whatever gets in your way. The downside though, is the game can really slow to a crawl if there's too much on screen.

Certainly a game not to be missed especially by the fans of this genre, but this game will probably not be the last from Errazking, as he has told us his intention with this game is to study the possibility of creating other games that may include improvements, such as a count of lives or music. Something my colleagues say is viable. 

- Thanks DefectoDigital for the heads up!

Links : 1) Source 2) Game Cover 3) TZX Download 4) Tap Download

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