Creepy Brawlers, Creepin It Reel & Justice Duel - 3 New NES titles for the NES released

Right out of the blue and looking to support that Halloween flavour, Mega Cat Studios behind Expedition, Log Jammers, and Almost Hero have contacted us regarding three new NES games that have been released called Creepy Brawlers, Creepin It Reel & Justice Duel. If you're looking to buy something new for your NES and don't want to stick to one particular genre, then read on!

The first game you might enjoy is a game called Creepy Brawlers, which the developers say is a retro boxing game mashed up with silver screen terrors in a knock out package. So basically you'll be fighting hands on against many different monsters, each with their own fighting style that may even change forms during an actual fight. As the description stages " A Doppleganger who’ll steal your face (and your moves), to Frankenstein’s monster, who won’t stay down for anything- especially not the referee "

Key Facts and Features
  • Creepy Brawlers is an actual NES game, cartridge and all- you’ll need to whip out your Nintendo to play!
  • Eleven monsters to fight, inspired by classic horror stories
  • Four arenas, including the Monster Movie Mansion and top secret Laboratory 52
  • Evolving enemies- This isn’t even my final form!
  • An achievement system, with 18 achievements to unlock
  • Super Spooky

The next cartridge in the list which is a rather cool looking covered title called ' Creeping It Reel ', is all about the wicked 8-bit music. As the game's chiptune soundtrack includes music by Danimal Cannon and Mitch Foster- additionally, the soundtrack is available on a separate NES cartridge, Creeping It Reel, which includes the legendary Dancing Pumpkin Man and a Trick-or-Treat pachinko minigame... Niiicee! :)

Features :
  • NES 8 Bit Music Video
  • Candy Drop Pachinko
  • Dancing Pumpkin Man!
  • Official Creepy Brawlers OST
  • 2 all new tracks from Mitch Foster and Danimal Cannon!

Finally we move on to my personal favourite Justice Duel; a kick ass fighting game whereby AI versions of past presidents face-off against each other while jousting atop genetically engineered eagles. If that sounds rather odd it is, yet it all works really well! You'll be doing lots of fighting, watching firecrackers bursting in midair and even trying to avoid land mines disguised as eagle eggs! Oh and it's even multiplayer  Less than 1% of NES games allow more than two players at a time- Justice Duel supports up to four simultaneously!

Key Facts and Features

  • An authentic retro experience, Justice Duel is out now on the NES
  • Up to four players can duel one another locally (requires Four Score)
  • Four playable figures from American history, including Abraham Lincoln and General Lee
  • Four arenas for dueling, from the Capitol Building to the U.S.S. Independence
  • Bombs, missiles, bear traps and firecrackers- the 2nd Amendment is in full force.
  • 20 Achievements, each a challenge to unlock, because freedom ain’t free!
  • Genetically engineered cyborg eagles with top hats!
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