Zukinox - A rather nice Cybernoid ZX Spectrum clone by Jaime Grilo

The ZX Spectrum scene has really been busy this week, what with the Benny Hill theme added to Benny Hill's Madcap Chase, Horace and The Robots announced, and a Zelda style game called Xelda shown off with new footage, but this time we are looking towards Jaime Grilo's Cybernoid clone of ' Zukinox ', which again is for the ZX Spectrum and released just yesterday!

In Zukinox you control a tiny spacecraft inside the caves of Lavolatum on a mission to collect the 7 parts of the spaceship Zukinox and 10 fuel containers. Along the way you will encounter dangerous obstacles and hazards such as other enemies, that will need to be defeated with your weapon or at least avoided so you can continue on your mission. Beware if of these enemies get too close they will either drain your energy until one of  your lives is lost or will destroy you in one touch!

In my short playthrough of Zukinox I can tell you right now this game is just brilliant, it certainly is a clone of Cybernoid with the gameplay being very similar, but everything else is a fresh experience with well designed colourful areas, challenging enemies that will make you think before your next move, and a brilliant soundtrack to match. If anything if it wasn't for the fact I've got things to do today i'd still be playing the game right now, it's that good! - It's just a shame the only bug I came across which may be related to the emulator Spectaculator was the loading sound was still playing and interrupting the menu music.

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