Dr Who Surrender Time - A Tardis has appeared on the ZX Spectrum

Even more tasty ZX-Dev conversions to get through this week as we've been given the heads up through our twitter page that Errazking's ZX Spectrum game of 'Dr Who Surrender Time' has been released and is available for all to enjoy. Shockingly I never thought i'd see the day Doctor Who would be mentioned on my website, but sure enough here it is, a game based on the Doctor Who franchise created using 3D Gamemaker with music and extra added programming by ThEp0pE!

According to the developer Errazking, the story goes that this time Davros (one of the eternal enemies) has seized the Tardis and has him trapped in a temporary loop inside a labyrinth Dalek warship. The only way to escape this awful time trap, is to find it and destroy it once and for all, which finishes up season 500 with season 501 to appear next year on BBC1 ;)

Errazking has spent his time developing and releasing games for the ZX Spectrum for some time now, games such as 'Abu Sinver Propagation' and 'Deep Blue' come to mind. But this latest game although sticking to that isometric formula such as those seen with the Ultimate Play the Game titles, is something special for the retro gamer and those of you who like Doctor Who.

It's a fun game indeed with challenges and enemies, as if it was straight out of the TV show with even the Daleks making an appearance. But what I really like other than the fantastic theme tune, is the main character design, with grinning face, arms poking out and a long coat, as if it was the real Doctor Who himself! - Certainly a game worthy of the Doctor Who name, so give it a go today, it's rather fun

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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