Eye of the Beholder - Work in progress C64 Dungeon Crawling port gets a weekly update

Black Crypt, Dungeon Master, Lands of Lore and many others were the prime of the Dungeon Crawling experience. Moving in a grid based style while finding lootable items, pulling levers and battling untold horrors with every deep level visited. One such game that ranks highly amongst all the others was of course Eye of the Beholder, which as many of you were made aware is on its way to the C64 thanks to a team of people such as Andreas Larsson, Micke Backlund, Ilkka Sjöstedt, Oliver Lindau, Lars Verhoff and Linus.

And it is that very port which is astounding many of our readers, especially as the game has since got a rather nice work in progress update. As not only is the AI implemented (No damage yet), but the spells have been implemented, there's a refactored input system that is responsive even when there are a lot of action on screen, there's updated graphics, those infamous teleporters are in place, and there has been many bug fixes since our previous showing!

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