Cheril the Writer - The Mojon Twins new NES game is now available

Bit late on this one I'm afraid as I was visiting family and had previously mentioned the game was coming, but The Mojon Twins have finally announced the release of their new game Cheril the Writer, which has been released for the NES. This game star's that lovable character Cheril who was also seen in their other game Mega Cheril Perils; previously released for the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive.

Although the story can be found on the main website, Cheril the Writer for the NES is a brand new adventure and features fantastic discoveries, multiple secrets, guest characters, and lots of enjoyable gameplay developed with MK1_NES/AGNES. So if you have an NES it might be worth your time checking this game out and adding it to an ever growing list of NES homebrews

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