One Day for Revenge - Top down shooter splattered with lots of bloody pixelated body parts!

Checking through our emails we were contacted by Jl Apps regarding his new game that has launched on Steam which features lots of body parts being splattered across the screen in some pretty violent ways. Titled as ' One Day for Revenge ', this game is a bloody indie shooter with a view from above and puts you in control of a man on revenge after his pregnant wife is hit by a car, the offender isn't caught and the police don't seem to give a damn!

Featuring the game play and look of Hotline Miami, One Day for Revenge was developed by one guy with dynamic gameplay, a variety of blasting weaponry, epic battles, black humour and stylish graphics. So if your thirst for revenge isn't quenched it might be worth your time trying this game priced at just a couple of quid.

Links 1:) Steam

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