Risk One's Neck - A Retro-Inspired Beat 'Em Up Now on Kickstarter

Risk One's Neck is a modern take on our beloved 16-Bit style Beat 'Em Up games of the past and is now actively seeking funding on Kickstarter. The team's distinctive take on the genre attempts to focus on the inherit feel of previous classics while infusing a realistic impact into the fight actions and not over complicating the gameplay.

“When I was a kid, I used to go to this game arcades in my neighborhood with my friends. Still, I cannot forget the exhilaration we felt when we defeated the enemies together in Final Fight, and countless belt scroll action games by Capcom. Although games back then seemed simple, there were plentiful details of gamibility within that simplicity. The entertaining value of the game maximized when you understood those hidden rules and utilized them. Back then, everyone had good time playing those games, regardless how good your skills were. We missed those games.  That motivated us to bring those pure enjoyment from then to now, instead of pursuing the trend of ‘the grandeur, the better’.”

This game is the result of our endeavor on in-depth research and analysis on the previous games and action movies. As our development continues, we will enrich and solidify details to enhance the game juice as well as the quality of visual design. The completed game will bring you joyful experience even for just moving the characters around.

The game will have 3 characters to choose from, plus a variety of weapons to use. But wait, it gets better as you can enter a random drawing for a chance to have you in the game!

“One day, some of my college friends asked me to cast a friend in the game as one of the characters. It started lightly but soon it became super fun! Now here, we would like to offer you a chance to become one of the game characters you wish.

Just email the pictures of your closed-up face, entire body, along with your height and age. If you win the draw, we will include you as a character in the game!”

About the Team
Lee Yo-han: Producing, Concept, 3D Character Directing
Kim Doo-suk: Programming, Animation Directing, Art Directing
Kim Hong-suk: localization

Links : 1) Kickstarter 2) Facebook 3) Youtube

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