LIFE ON EARTH - A Cyberpunk experience hits the MSX 2 + V9990

Some time back Kai Magazine released the fantastic game of ' Myths and Dragons ' for the MSX2 + v9990 as a side scrolling beat em up dedication to Capcom's 1991 side-scrolling hack and slash 'King of Dragons'. Well fast forward to this month and Kai Magazine have done it again, and rather than go down the route of mythical beasts, they have announced LIFE ON EARTH; a Cyberpunk game for the msx2 and v9990 in which you must run for your life, travel with a futuristic bike, fly on a jet pack, explore dark areas with amazing transparency effects only seen on some 16 bits consoles, etc.

According to the developer, this game has grown to be the best game they have done so far, surpassing that of Myths and Dragons, in not only the graphics, but playability, addiction, performance and stability with extra emphasis on the play ability thanks in part to a group of very professional beta-testers.

As for the game itself, it has a story with an animated intro, visual stages and 2 endings, it's very much like the classic arcade games from late 80’s such as Shinobi, 3 levels of difficulty, bosses , an awesome soundtrack by Leo Bytes (Manuel Dopico) and much much more. So if you're interested in this game, make sure to read the requirements and supportive quoted features below!

Hardware and performance:
This game requires a v9990 graphics card (Powergraph, Graphics9000, Krakengraph, etc.)

The game also supports the following sound chips:
-FM pac (2+ and turbo R internal fm is also compatible)
-Music module
-Fm pac AND Music module both playing at the same time
-Opl4 (Moonsound, Shockwave, Dalsori, etc)

The game works on any msx2 with 64k of ram on fm pac and/or music module without any slow downs, the performance will be the same as with a turbo R (exept turbo-r load times will be faster).

Opl4 sound chip requires 128k of Ram. Any non-turbo z80 with opl4 will suffer small slow downs in occasions due to the high cpu consumption of the opl4 sound chip.

The game has optimizations for Panasonic 2+, one chip, Zemmix and Turbo R which will grant faster load times and a perfect speed even using opl4 sound chip.

The soundtrack, created by Leo Bytes (Manuel Dopico) is absolutely amazing on fm and spectacular on opl4. He is a professional musician and is creating a CD of the soundtrack which will be available in 2 weeks approx, just before the cartridge shipments begin, so if you want to include the CD soundtrack with the game, there will be no extra shipping costs.
The price of the CD soundtrack will be 9,90 euro.

The game in digital format is 12 Euro.
The cartridge version is 42 euro + shipping.

Shipping costs are 10,80 for Europe and 12,80 for the rest of the world.

Links :1) Contact 2) Order

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