Farming Simulator is coming to the C64

We already know that there is a work in progress demake of Portal AND Limbo coming to the C64, especially as we told everyone in our friends list. But did you know there is a demake of Farming Simulator coming aswell? Well thankfully going by the latest Lotek64 update this might be the case, as recently they interviewed GIANTS Software to see if this wasn't some April fools joke!

Although a much more indepth interview can be read (HERE) including how the game to be, the developers clearly had a love for the C64 as one of their own employees actually had friends in the C64 scene. This commercial C64 game however will be coming with the Farming Simulator 19 - PC Collector's Edition, as in their words a seperate CD in the form of a disk image in D64 format and a CRT format module. Although they do plan to offer the C64 game sometime separate from the Collector's Edition.

So what can we expect in terms of gameplay? Clearly there's a lot of love gone into the C64 version, as we now know it isn't just fully playable with various vehicles to control, but you can plough fields, sow them, harvest with a harvester and even sell your goods to buy more gas. All controllable via a Joystick, with smooth scrolling landscapes, and details vehicles composed of several sprites. The downside which is in more detail in the interview, is only a maximum of two machines can be displayed simultaneously on the screen and of course theres hardware limitations. But it still looks pretty damn good overall!

And that's just a snippet of what's to come, so click on the links below, read up on this game and look forward to a release come November 20th!

Links :1) Source 2) Trainer 3) Website

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