Thio's Odissey - A Wonder Boy clone is coming to the Intellivision

When I was a wee lad spending all my money down at the Arcades, one such game I used to love was that fantastic platformer ' Wonder Boy ' designed by Ryuichi Nishizawa. Instead of those later Wonder Boy games which became more of an adventure platformer with RPG elements. This game was all about a boy who at times rode a skateboard, jumped rocks, and with axe in hand delt with snails, snakes and even bats! Thankfully it seems many others have had a great time with this game, and as a clone to Wonder Boy, KAI MAGAZINE software will be bringing that arcade fun to the Intellivision.

A small playable demo of 2 random stages

As noted by Oscar Kenneth, after hearing from his friend about intybasic and the fact he would have a lot of fun coding with it, he decided to buy a book and not long after made his first game for the Intellivision as a practice project in intybasic. That game was ofcourse the one shown above, Thio's Odissey. A Wonder Boy clone (shamelessly similar in some aspects) but with his personal touch and redesigned for the intellivision hardware capabilities.

Links :1) Source - Thanks RVG for the heads up!

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