GLUF - RetroSouls announces a fabulous upcoming ZX Spectrum game

If you're looking for fresh ZX Spectrum news then look no further. As thanks to a heads up via our twitter page, we've come across a new game called ' GLUF ', which looks like a high quality Arcade puzzle game due to be released at some point soon for the ZX Spectrum 128k. Although there's no mention of a release date, we do know the game will be released by RetroSouls and the music is being created by Oleg Nikitin!

Developed by Denis Grachev with a stunning chippy soundtrack by Oleg Nitkitin, GLUF looks to be an Arcade puzzle game in which you need to colour all the different platforms without touching any of the enemies found throughout. Sadly that's all of the gameplay with know of at this time, but the game will at least feature great graphics and wide multicolor scrolling.

Links :1) Twitter

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