Mazinger Z Preview - C64 game based on 1970's Manga Anime of Go Nagai

The C64 scene hasn't finished with us yet, as moments ago we were contacted by @Errazking, that the C64 game based on the 1970's Manga Anime of Go Nagai called ' Mazinger Z (Preview) ', has recently been released. This rather eye opening Arcade preview with music and sfx from Gryzor87, bitmaps from Martina NT, graphics from Errazking and programming and design by Carlos Zubieta. Puts you in the role of Koji Kabuto, the pilot of 70's classic anime super-robot Mazinger Z in his quest to save Japan from the mechanical monsters created by evil scientist Doctor Hell.

According to Errazking, he has told us this is a preview that could be enjoyed in RetroBarcelona but instead has substantial improvements over from that version, with new screens and graphics to give the game more coherence to the story on which it is based. As for what the game is based on, it is based on the Manga Anime of Go Nagai, Mazinger Z, a fighting game where we incarnate Koji Kabuto and handle the robot that must face the hordes of mechanical brutes of Dr. Hell. This time you will fight against Garada K7, Doublas M2, Jinray S1 and once these are over you will be able to face a host of clone brutes.

So what does the actual game offer other than just being based around a 70's Mech anime? Well you'll be pleased to know it features plenty of characters on screen with glitch-free sprite multiplexing, cartoon action with multiple combat moves including grabbing enemies, classic Mazinger Z weapons included - such as Jet Scrander, Anime style character dialogues, interactive soundtracks, full cartridge release both Easyflash and Ultimate compatible, full screen bitmaps in intro and cutscenes, and finally it's a teaser prelude to the game they will hopefully publish next year.

.... So yes a fitting end to 2018 wouldn't you say?

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