Owyn's Adventure - Gameboy styled game features 5 different worlds to explore!

We've mentioned countless Gameboy inspired games on our site, games such as Squidlit, Steer Clear, The Tragic Tale of Bark Scruffalo and Madcap Castle to name but a few. But there's another game you might be interested in playing, and that's ' Owyn's Adventure '. A game which we have mentioned some time ago during the GBJAM, that as of now is a much bigger game spanning 5 different worlds to explore!

Call Grandpops and tell him that dinner's ready?.... What sounds like a straightforward task from Mum becomes an adventure when Owyn leaves the safety of his house and enters a garden world where threats abound, and not even the slowest of creatures can be trusted. The game features 25-30mins of gameplay through 5 different worlds, lots of side scrolling puzzle adventures, 4 Gameboy shades of green, and Owyn's Adventure is available in 10 languages!

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