Droid Buster - C64 'Mandroid' released on the ZX Spectrum

The games just keep on coming, as after already mentioning Sardonic, Log Cabin Dizzy and Mister Kung Fu as being released on the the ZX Spectrum, we are here to shout out that the C64 version of 'Mandroid' has been remade as ' Droid Buster ' for, as you guessed it, the ZX Spectrum! This game released via the ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes competition, is according to the developer his own version of Mandroid, as it was originally going to come to the ZX Spectrum as Cyborg. He goes on to say with the game having never been released, he has remade the game in his own image, both the graphics and mechanics.

Droid Buster with development by Ariel Endaraues, music by Pedro Pimenta and Loading screen by Juan, is your typical top down action game whereby you need to punch all the enemy droids throughout many of the different screens. The only problem is this is no easy game, as you only have one life and getting too close to an enemy brings your own energy down at such a rate, a game over screen comes very quickly. Droid Buster is a nice sounding game and the gameplay comes across as a great idea, but with the game as difficult as it is at the moment, it is very much let down by enemies that are way to unforgiving you'd rather avoid them than use your own punching skills.

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