All Valley Karate Championship - Karate Kid inspired game for the Commodore Amiga

Iron Gate is back in the news this week, as after previously releasing games such as The Zing, The Real Brus Lii and Mini Legión, they've now gone and released an Amiga game called ' All Valley Karate Championship ' for the EAB game development contest 2019. Now if the image above rings any bells, then that's probably because this Karate game by jojo073 and team, looks to be inspired by the classic movie Karate Kid.

As noted by the description on the forums, All Valley Karate Championship is supposed to work on an A500 with 1mb ram, as well as featuring 3 game modes such as casual, two player casual and a 3 multiplayer tournament. As for the team behind the game itself, it was created by TOM, graphics by Jojo073, game music by Triace Desire with menu music by Cueik.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download (Update Version 3.0 released/1MB chip but works with kickstart 1.2 and up see EAB for details)

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