Melo-Jellos 2 - Match those Magic Jellies in this new NES game!

A new game has surfaced for the NES, as we have just found out in relation to the 2018 NESdev competition, that Adrian Makes Games has released the Jelly matching arcade puzzle game of ' Melo-Jellos 2 ' for the NES and related emulators. This game with music by SoundSync5000 and art by ptoing is about the curse of the Magic Jellies and the fact they are as hard as rock. Match 3 of them or more together to lift the curse, and do large combos to use their magic to lift the curse from several lines of jellies at once!

If you love games such as Gem-X and love matching colours for great combo scores then look no further than Melo-Jellos 2! It features not just two modes of play, but two great music tracks and a third hidden one, is the sequel to Melo-Jellos his Pico-8 title, it works on any NES emulator, FCEUX, Mesen, even on Nesticle, and finally is compatible with a real NES and possibly NES Mini, and works on Famiclone systems.

Links :1) Source 2) Current Version

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