AMIner - An Arcade mining game released for the Amiga!

Another piece of awesome news has arrived from Saberman, as he has just told us a new game has been released for the Commodore Amiga called ' AMIner ', which is an entry in the EAB game development contest 2019. This game with its lovely retrotastic graphical style, is a new Arcade game that is not only based on a Motherload flash game, but also looks like an inspiration to Mr. Driller Drill Spirits, which was originally released on the Nintendo DS.

AMIner was first submitted during the RetroKomp Gamedev Compo as a work in progress, where it scored 2nd place. Fast forward to today however as a far more complete game, with development by KaiN, Softiron and mccnex. The game now features all the graphics in lovely 32 colours, lots of new graphical detail, different colour palettes on different depths, the ability to collect dinosaur bones while digging ever downwards, initial work on a story mode and all working on an Amiga KS1.3, with 1MB Chip and a bit of FAST.... Although there's no music currently.

Gameplay Modes : 

Challenge : play with a friend and race to the checkpoints as fast as possible! Each checkpoint will result in selling of your cargo bay contents, increasing your score. Being first on the finish line will instantly end the game and result in final cargo bay selling for that player, but the true winner will be the one who'll get the most score. Also, to prevent matches from taking too long, the camera moves constantly and keeps players from staying behind. For single players there is also option to beat hi-scores.

Free play : nothing stops you from digging stuff as long as you want, except for your cargo and fuel capacity. This is a work in progress and who knows if it won't evolve into some kind of story mode. 
Basically it's about digging out the minerals, cashing them, buying fuel, upgrading your vehicle and buying/finding powerups, and finding absolutely no easter eggs. Diggin' can go a looong way down with increasing difficulty of acquiring the minerals, things that can damage or even destroy your machine, some enemies maybe and hazards to finally reach an (hopefully brilliant, fun and unexpected) end.

Extra Notes

Some features are still not optimized or buggy since I was hacking them together just before the deadline. We'll continue work on this game and make it so it'll run smoothly at all times on 2MB CHIP A500 @ 7MHz.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download

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