Moritz to the Moon - Another ZX Spectrum game featuring Moritz gets a release

Good Ol' Moritz, he's been in a lot of games lately, games such as Moritz Strikes Back and Moritz 48K to name but a few. But this time he's left Earth as he is on a mission to the moon in a brand new game called ' Moritz to the Moon '. Now unlike the other games we mentioned previously this one features much nicer in game graphics, and is a top scrolling shooter by Sebastian Braunert & Uwe, with loading screen by Andy Green, additional graphics by Karl and finally music by Pedro.

Once again this game has been created using SEUD by Jonathan Cauldwell, so expect lots of blasting action and cute bleeps and blops as you blast away enemies even on a 48k. So yes download it now, I think you'll agree it is a lot of fun :)

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