Scramble - A wicked retro shoot em up gets a fantastic Amstrad port

I was just thinking to myself could this day get any better, and going by the latest update on the CPCwiki forums, it has! Welcome to 'Scramble'; a very nice side scrolling shoot em up Amstrad port of a game which was originally released way back in 1983 as Skramble developed by Darrell Etherington. This version developed by PuzCPC, stays true to the original but features a smooth frame rate, great Amstrad graphics, great music and sfx by Thargan, and top quality blasting action.

Playing as spaceship commander, you must fly through tight caves and over cities, while being attacked by launched rockets, ufo's and other such bad guys without ending up having your ship blown into smithereens. If you have an Amstrad CPC or GX4000, then this game coded in ASM is not to be missed!

Links :1) Forum 2) Amstrad CPC 464 3) GX4000

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