Atari: A Visual History - A Visual History Compendium book about the Atari 8-bit!

While the crowdfunding platforms are being flooded with projects for retrocomputing greats such as the C64 or Spectrum, the scene has been a little light on products for the Humble Atari 8-bit. Seemingly unloved by people targeting the frothing hoards of retro fans of other 8bit systems which has been getting a treasure trove of memorabilia to drop your wad on. Well Darren Doyle wants to change all that, as he has launched a Kickstarter for the Atari: A Visual History - A Visual History Compendium; a book about the Atari 8-bit home computer and its third party software titles from the 1980's and beyond.

Yes indeed thanks to a hearty heads up by our good friends Retro Video Gamer, they have told us of a brand new Kickstarter which aims to be a top end of favourites for many who were huge fans of the Atari 8-bit system. This Kickstarter by Darren Doyle as noted by the description, is a large feature packed book containing not just over 160 awesome Atari 8-bit games showcased, but its product design, original box art premastered, exclusive interviews and reviews, as well as gorgeous Atari hardware photography and much much more!

So yes with exclusive interviews such as “Justin Whittaker” creator of “The Lone Raider”, “Sean Townsend” creator of the Atari version of “Chuckie Egg” or wicked classic games such as Rescue on Fractalus, Bomb Jake, or even Spy vs Spy making an appearance. Then you know it makes sense to hit that pledge goal and make this a very successful Kickstarter!

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  1. Bought This fantastic product love it!!


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