Orange Island - 8-bit action-adventure for Pc and Nes

Orange Island is a new 8-bit action-adventure platformer game that is currently up on Kickstarter and was successfully funded within the first 24 hours of its campaign. Orange Island draws inspiration from side-scrolling NES games like Legacy of the Wizard, Kirby's Adventure and Zelda II and mixes this with puzzles and RPG elements similar to Wonder Boy and Mother. The game is being created by former SEGA designer Ted Sterchi and you can tell that a lot of time has been put into Orange Island – not only does it have amazing pastel pixel art and music but also an interesting story and characters.

Speaking of characters, the game will feature five different characters who have their own unique abilities and stats that will all come in handy when exploring the island. Orange Island features a non-linear world with towns, inns, and shops that you can find when exploring mixed with side-quests and unlockable weapons and magical abilities. If you are curious about how the game looks, there is a playable alpha demo on the Kickstarter page that you can test directly in your browser.

Orange Island is being developed for PC and Mac and will be released for Steam but it's also being made within the limitations and specifications of the NES hardware. A stretch goal on the Kickstarter campaign is to port Orange Island to the NES, so if this stretch goal is unlocked you will be able to get the ROM file to play in an emulator or even pledge for a physical NES cartridge.

The campaign also has stretch goals for more music tracks from Hiroki Kikuta, the video game composer who wrote the soundtrack to Secret of Mana.

If Orange Island sounds interesting, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign or the official Orange Island site for more information.

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