Ironseed - A remake of a 1994 sci-fi game gets a beta version!

We used to feature so many remakes in the early days of Indie Retro News, but over time developers seem to have put them aside and concentrated more on Indie games and or modern games that have that retro look. Thankfully one such creator hasn't given up on doing remakes of old games, as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we've been told of a new remake beta released via called ' Ironseed ', which was released by Channel 7 Software.

According to the description, originally released in 1994, this is the rewritten-from-scratch 25th Anniversary Edition!  The entire game has been recreated using a modern 3D engine to be as faithful to the original as possible and the game features randomly generated planets, numerous ship designs and crew selection allow for different playing styles, technological research, space exploration, resource management, crew management, alien diplomacy and much much more!

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