Rockball - Asteriods clone never released on the C64 until now!

Fabulous news if you've got a C64 and love hearing about unreleased games, as thanks to a heads up from a good friend of ours in the Scene, we've been told Excess has released a game called ' Rockball ' by Roklan Corporation. What makes this news so special is the fact that this game was programmed back in 1983 as a port of an also unreleased arcade game of the same name but again was never released... Atleast until now!

Although an interview regarding this game can be read (HERE), in short : "Rockball is an arcade game variant of Asteroids.  The concept of big rocks (that were really small sets of concentric rings), and a spaceship that could blast them into smaller rocks was essentially identical to Asteroids.  The player's ship received fuel/energy by destroying the rocks, which split apart into smaller rocks, each time hit by a player's missile "

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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