Mage Rage - Upcoming Arcade Maze ZX game from Andy Green and John Davies

There's not much going on in the retro gaming scene today so to counteract the slowness, here's an upcoming game just announced by Andy Green, it's Mage Rage! A game that's in development for the ZX Spectrum by John Davies and Andy Green, and is classed as an enjoyable a top-down maze shooter developed with AGDx Mini that is set for release at some point during this month!

According to Andy Green, Mage Rage is a top-down maze shooter developed with AGDx Mini. You play the part of Mercure the Mage who must venture forth into the ravenous beasts evil lair, full of spiders, bats, rats, goblins, and trolls, and recover the magical swirls which were stolen from stone circle earlier that morning whilst you were busy meditating. The lair also handily contains pressure pads to open doors, wizard bolt refills and life energy which will all help to keep you alive!

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