Battlebrush - An enjoyable party game for the Commodore Amiga

If you have family members or friends around for Christmas and want to get them all involved in a bit of Christmas retro gaming fun, then have we got just the game for you. As thanks to another heads up from Saberman in our inbox, he has just told us Raliza Software has released the 4 player party game of 'Battlebrush' for the Commodore Amiga. An Amiga game requiring 1mb Ram (Any kind), OCS chipset or above.

Battlebrush might not have the graphics of some high end commercial Amiga title, but don't let that put you off. As in this enjoyable little game, you play as either four different brushes, who are battling to paint more of the canvas than their enemies! An up to four player game, whereby the fun is painting as much as possible and beating everyone else.

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