Intellivania - Castlevania on the Intellivision? YES INDEED!

This year has been crazy for game announcements, especially with upcoming games such as Risky Rick (Rick Dangerous) coming to the MSX, Alley Cat for the NES, Prince of Persia over to the Intellivision and even an Arcade port of 1942 being developed for the Amiga. But now we are going to go even further, as we've just been told by a good friend of ours, that Matthew Kiehl has shown off brand new footage of his work in progress 'Castlevania' for the Intellivision, as 'Intellivania'!

Yes indeed this famous game which has spawned many sequels, rom hacks and other bits of gaming nostalgia released all the way back in 1986 on the NES, is going to get its very own unofficial Intellivision version from Matthew Kiehl, who is also working on the eye opening development of Prince of Persia. According to the creator however, the game is pretty much finished requiring testing, but compromises have been made to bring it to the Intellivision. "The secret treasures found by kneeling or waiting are unlikely to get added, and no form of weapon multipliers exist either.   Enemies also don't randomly drop items as they do in the NES game.   Besides that, all the levels are there, as well as the bosses, and I also managed to squeeze in the ending with the end goal for physical format".

Link :1) Playable demo Note: The jzIntv Intellivision emulator plays this demo nicely and you will need the Intellivision ECS.BIN file (Entertainment Computer System ROM) for this to work properly. (Thanks for the heads up LqM)

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