Alhambra Tales - In development Amstrad platformer gets early footage tease

Screenshot from Twitter 

Throughout 2019 we had so many Amstrad games being announced or released you'd think the Amstrad was back in Dixons hopeful for a mass Christmas sale. Games such as Pinball Dreams CPC, Area51Raid, AngryKitten, ProjectThing, RetroTennisSuperWave, CombatTendency and JacksbubbleIsland were just some of the games we mentioned. Thankfully it looks as if 2020 is going to follow suit, as last week former graphic designer from Dinamic, Raúl Ortega Palacios had announced the development of Alhambra Tales for the Amstrad!
Although not much is known about the game so far other than the early development twitter tease above, Alhambra Tales looks to be a platformer in which you must collect items, and avoid deadly creatures and traps such as Skeletons and watery depths. And that's all we know so far, but for further info keep checking the Twitter feed above.

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