Legacy - PDA Dungeon Crawler will be released on the Amiga by Inked Pixel Software!

It was only last week that we announced on Indie Retro News that a demo was made available of a Dungeon Crawler called 'Legacy'; a game that appeared on the PDA by Redshift in the mid 2000's featuring a huge world, dungeons, towns, NPC's and pretty much everything you could want in an old school Dungeon Crawler. Well after telling people it was never going to be released as a full version due to rights issues(?), it looks as if Inked Pixel Software has taken up the task, and will be releasing the full version of 'Legacy' this year on the Amiga!

First Person Dungeon Crawlers have a huge fan base on Indie Retro News, so many of us love games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ishar and even ones just released on the Amiga such as the great Black Dawn Rebirth published through Double Sided Games. So it's thanks to a great heads up by Solo, we now know that this great game of Legacy will be released on the Amiga and requiring a minimum 1200 + 4MB Fast + HDD or an ECS Amiga + 020 CPU + 6 of RAM + Kick 3.1 + HDD and is sure to be a great game indeed!

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