Atic Atac - Ultimate Play the Game classic on the Amstrad gets a WIP overhaul update!

Ultimate Play the Game has been mentioned countless times on Indie Retro News, especially as homebrew developers and graphical artists had taken it upon themselves to convert/port many of those classics over to systems that didn't have the luxury of the original in the first place. Games such as Atic Atac being ported over to the C64 by Steven Day, Saul Cross and Tomcat from the BBC Micro or ZX Spectrum, is one such mighty game we have mentioned this year alone.

Old Version

Steven Day on board!

And it is Atic Atac that is back in the news! But unlike the previous announcement as coming to the Amstrad with garish graphics and the yearning for so much more. We are pleased to show thanks to the coding skills of shaymanjohn and the latest graphical talent from Steven Day behind the C64 conversion of Atic Atac. That Ste has worked his magic and turned the work in progress Amstrad version into a very special development indeed...and all in Mode 0!

Certainly one to keep an eye on, and most likely if we hadn't mentioned the game when it was announced as being developed in the first place, Ste(Steven Day) might not have noticed that it needed the nudge in the right direction!

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