Zambeezi - Previously unknown Mr Chip game surfaces via Genesis Project for the C64

It's always handy to have good friends or those who like sending us bits of info we may have otherwise missed. This is especially true of this C64 game which has been mentioned to us by Johan through our Facebook page, it's Zambeezi; A new release via Genesis Project from an old disk of one of their members, which according to gamesthatwerent is also a release of a previously unknown Mr Chip game from 1985 for the C64 by Tony Kelly.

Also according to the same site, they go on to say this is a Manic Miner style game which is set in Africa, and where you must collect several objects on each level to progress. It is a simple, but fun game albeit mostly complete, but it just lacks some final polish, which was the end result of a game created by Tony Kelly of Video Meanies fame.

Links :1) Game Info 2) Source 3) Download

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