A Pig Quest - This upcoming C64 game looks so damn awesome!

If you have a C64 or using an emulator chances are you'll be reading IRN on a daily basis for the latest gaming news! Well if you're reading the website right now, you'll not want to miss out on this news announcement, as trawling through Twitter we've come across a rather impressive looking game for the C64 called The Pig Quest : An action platformer by Antonio Savona, Mauricet, Aldo Chiummo and Gaetano Chiummo that is in development right now!

Although not much is known about the game as details are sparse, what we can make out from the video above, this game which looks to be an action platformer with multiple levels. Will feature fabulous artwork, gorgeous C64 details, a brilliant soundtrack, plenty of levels, collectable items, and dangerous foes to battle against such as bats. Seriously if you haven't seen this upcoming game yet, you're missing out.

Links :1) Twitter 

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