Buccaneers - A demo for an upcoming Amstrad game by Big Bang Games!

The last game to be mentioned and a rather interesting looking game at that, especially for all you Amstrad players, as trawling through the latest Amstrad updates, we've come across a newish game with a pirate theme called 'Buccaneers'. Now before you get too excited thinking this is going to be like Sid's Pirates, it isn't, but instead this game looks to be an enjoyable platformer with plenty of kicking and punching action by Big Bang Games.

As the description notes : You, the bravest buccaneer, and your gang have been cruising the seas to assault the Spanish ships over years for wealth and glory. But there is no honour among pirates... because your crew has been kidnapped by Caribbean pirates and they have stolen all your treasures. Now you take the way to rescue your comrades through two islands, eight stages and dozens of enemies to defeat! The full game features multiple stages, plenty of enemies to fight, different combat moves, a great soundtrack, and enjoyable gameplay!

Links :1) Website 2) Demo

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