Castlevania Prelude of Chaos - Love letter to a classic, styled like a Gameboy game (PC/Windows)

After already mentioning games such as Vampire Slayer, which is a Castlevania engine from the Mojon Twins' MK1 Churrera, another Castlevania game has graced our screens. As trawling through the website we've come across a game called Castlevania Prelude of Chaos. According to the creator of this game, Castlevania: Prelude of Chaos is a love letter to the old games from the 8-bit era and especially Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.

Designed in a Gameboy Style and downloadable for PC(Windows), you play Alexis Belmont in his quest for destroying Dracula. Travel the land to defeat Dracula's army of fiends, upgrade your whip, buy weapons and spells to progress through your adventure! The game has full support for gamepad and keyboard, a new kick ass soundtrack inspired by the NES era, tweaks on gameplay mechanics compared to the Texas Instrument calculator version, and finally the text has been rewritten for better clarity.

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