A Very Sheepy Xmas - A Christmas themed game for the ZX Spectrum by Quantum Sheep

With Christmas fast approaching you'd expect to see lots of Christmas themed games appearing on Indie Retro News. Well that's certainly happening this week, as the first game to be mentioned on our site is a Christmas game by Quantum Sheep for the ZX Spectrum called 'A Very Sheepy Xmas '; a short game that the creator says is a Merry Xmas and a thank you to everyone who has played his games throughout this year.

With Santa going Disco and his unbridled enthusiasm distracting him from collecting presents he needs to deliver on Xmas Eve, you play as Quantum Sheep and must pick up all the presents for Santa to complete each of the varied levels. Beware however it's not going to be a simple game, as some toys have come alive and become hazardous, and will do you harm if touched. So good luck to you Sir Sheep, it's time to save Xmas!

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