A new Commodore Amiga platformer is coming from NEESO Games

Amiga Bill said to me the other day with a chuckle that yesterdays news is old news already, and yes when it comes to the Amiga mentions throughout this year so far, I completely agree with him! Well anyway here's a new game which looks like it could be good fun when it gets an eventual release on the Commodore Amiga, is NEESO GAMES upcoming Platformer which is being developed using Earok's Scorpion Engine.

Although we currently don't have a name for this new game and will update the article when we find out, but from the video above or linked here sent to us by Per Ola, this is a charming little platformer that will feature lovely background detail, smooth scrolling, coin collection, different enemies and multiple areas. The only thing we hope will change is the music, as it's a little repetitive!

The game has been tested working on machines from Amiga 500 (1Mb) to expanded Amiga 4000. Of course the game results more enjoyable on accelerated machines.

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