Turbo Sprint - An Arcade quality port of "Super Sprint" gets a time limited beta

Way back in 1986 I used to be down at the Arcades playing the brilliant game Super Sprint by Atari Games, a game which had multiple system ports and featured 4 player racing which pushed you to frustration as you tried to come first place against the AI in every race! It featured multiple track types and cool sounds which made it a whole ton of fun and addictive as hell. It is that game which is being mentioned again, as today Mcgeezer has released a time limited beta of 'Turbo Sprint' ; An Arcade like version of 'Super Sprint' built from the ground up!

As we said before : although a version of Super Sprint was released on the Amiga as an Atari ST port thanks to the hard work of Meynaf. This version is likely to take it to the next level! Although the video looks a little glitchy ( Wont be this way on the Amiga ), Turbo Sprint by Mcgeezer will feature improved sound, CD32 support, code optimizations, and much much more that the creator hopes to be the best home computer version of Super Sprint by far!

Please note this is a beta version with a lot of issues that still need to be addressed, but if you want to try it out requiring an Amiga A1200/A4000/CD32, you can do so via the link provided below.

Issues :

  1. Occasionally the game will completely crash (this is due to the Tornado sprite).
  2. Cars will not adhere to boundaries when spinning.
  3. Chopper colours some times go Grey
  4. Car is not respawned at the correct Y line
  5. The controller setup code is not completed
  6. If you exit the game from the menu, Workbench is likely to crash
  7. In order to run on stock Amiga's you may need to disable external drives to get as much chip memory as possible.
  8. Only levels 1 through 8 are active

Links :1) Source  (beta 1.5)

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