Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge STe - Retro Racing fans will love this enhanced version on the Atari STe!

For me, Lotus released during the 90's was one of the best racing games on the Amiga, it was so much fun, with great graphics and the ability to race your friend(s) in split screen. It gave a true speed feeling, whizzing past other cars on the road or through tunnels trying to come first place. What's more, it even had weather affects and incredible music. Thankfully for those of you who enjoyed this game and want the pleasure of playing an enhanced version on the Atari, can now do so! As Jonathan Thomas, Jamie Hamshere and Grazey/PHFs has just released "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge STe".

According to the team behind this brilliant version of Lotus on the Atari STe, Lotus STE is an adaptation of the original Lotus 1 game that makes use of the additional hardware in the Atari STE. Not only is it a major graphical upgrade such as the road being rendered by the Blitter chip and features much more graphical detail than the original. But the scenery and cars move more smoothly (Blitter chip), the background mountains scroll smoothly from side to side (Blitter chip), the sky features a more colourful gradient, and there's much much more improvements made including far better music and sound effects.

"Put simply, it's a major graphics and sound upgrade from the original game!"

Credits : 
- Graphics: Jonathan Thomas (chicane on Atari-Forum, @RetroRacing on Twitter)
- Sound: Jamie Hamshere (junosix on Atari-Forum)
- Loader: Grazey/PHF (@Grazeyphf on Twitter)
- Masteries on Atari-Forum for the initial version of the PCM sound mixer;
- Defence Force/Dbug for code reviews and performance improvement suggestions;
- Steve of AtariCrypt for relentless enthusiasm;
- Metalages on Atari-Forum for discussion around engine noise;
- Marko Latvanen (@maraka77i on Twitter) for extensive and exhaustive beta testing.

System requirements

The game requires a minimum of 1 Meg of memory, and either an STE, or an STFM equipped with the Blitter chip.

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