WHDLoadMenu - Another Amiga game launcher gets a speedy update

We've featured a number of front end loaders for the Amiga, those with an internal CF drive or any other way of playing whdload games, such as AG-Launch, X-Bench and the most recently updated iGame. Well if you remember us featuring the rather cool WHDLoadMenu, which is a full frontend for WHLoad by Vesuri. You'll be pleased to know that if you used it and wish it was a little quicker, the developer has just launched version 1.2; a significant improvement to the start up time (almost tenfold) when there are lots of WHDLoad slaves to be displayed.

WHDLoadMenu displays a list of WHDLoadable applications in the given directory and allows them to be started by choosing the application name using the user interface. WHDLoadMenu also provides two user interfaces: an Intuition based one (WHDLoadMenu) with a standard AmigaOS look and feel and a custom, animated user interface (WHDLoadMenuAnimated). Basically as described via Aminet; this allows them to be started by clicking on the name of the application using the mouse or by selecting the application name using the keyboard or a joystick, and is intended to be conditionally started on system startup.

Links 1) Source & Instructions 2) Discussion 3) Download

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