Athanor 2 - The Legend Of The Birdmen - A new Adventure game is coming soon to Amiga OCS and up

Thanks to a heads up by one of our readers AGamerandHisJack, we have just been informed that not only is Athanor 2 - The Legend of the Birdmen still coming to the Amiga hopefully soon, but without the heads up, we would have not known the game had been teased again with a Pre-Release Video dating back to May of this year. For those who of you who haven't heard of this game before, it is being programmed in C and is the sequel to the 2015-2016 game 'Athanor' which was also released on the Amstrad CPC, ORIC and yes even the C64.

Although the preview footage above is being previewed on the Amiga ( Atari ST footage also available here ). Athanor 2 will not only feature a typical 80's style North, South, East command interface of adventure games of old, but from what we can tell unlike the first game, will also feature full mouse control, enriched dialogues, different phases of gameplay, and much much more listed below. So yes certainly a game that's sure to be a huge hit with the Amiga owners when it gets an eventual release.

Main Specs : 

  • An Adventure game for the the 16/32 bits machines (Atari ST/Amiga) by
  • Programmed in C, targeting OCS Amigas (1MB of ram on the A500 (either 1MB of full CHIP or 512 KB CHIP + 512 KB SLOW/FAST RAM )
  • Game created by Eric Safar, including the story & ST version.
  • Original graphics designed by Angel Bautista.
  • Graphics colorization and Amiga adaptation by Astrofra
  • Additional graphics colorization by Vincent Jambut.
Game Details :
  • - 4 worlds to explore
  • - A lot of music 
  • - Couples of characters
  • - Dialogues and objects to find
  • - Puzzles

Links :1) Forum  2) Website 

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