Green Beret - Highly challenging retro classic is coming to the Amiga via the AmiGameJam

Arcade Screenshots

Green Beret or as some will know as Rush'n Attack was an action arcade game released by Konami in 1985. It is remembered for its Cold War setting and its reliance on the player using mainly a knife to dispatch enemies, although you were able to collect many different weapons including the flame thrower. Green Beret was one of the hardest games I had ever played and yet was one of the games that gave me the best memories! So if you remember this game you'll be pleased to know that Green Beret is officially coming to the Amiga developed using the Scorpion Engine.

Yes as a heads up by Erik Hogan via the Scorpion Engine Facebook page, we have learnt that Green Beret is coming to the Amiga coded by Dante Mendes and will hopefully be released via the AmiGameJam at some point in the near future. Although there's not much else to say regarding the development, we can say if the game does come out, be prepared for high level difficulty as you try your utmost to get past the helicopter mission and avoid the dogs!

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