PAC-01 - A new variation on the Pac-Man theme enters the MSXDev21 competition

We've featured Pac-Man many times now on Indie Retro News, and even just recently we got a heads up in regards to an Arcade to Amiga conversion of Pac-Man which is coming to the Amiga via JOTD. Well here's another variation of the Pac-Man theme, and it's PAC-01. A relentless vertical scrolling game in which you need to not only eat the pills, but munch on enemies to level up, eat fruit to increase your score, and avoid being hurt by the pool of game glitches coming out of the Green computer glitch at the bottom.

As noted by the competition : A certain round yellow guy, who’s probably the most iconic video game character ever, makes his entrance in ARC8’s recent MSX game called “PAC-01”. That’s right, it is Pac-Man himself that makes waves in the world’s fastest dot eating game. PAC-01 features a one and two player mode, as well as a “Fast Game” mode. Whereas the objective in the 1P mode is to munch up all of the ghosts, in 2P mode the player with the most points wins when the game is over (which happens when the maze ends).

Links :1) Source 2) Play Online

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