Tardigrade - A toffee eating game for the ZX Spectrum 16K

Some more retro goodness for you all to get you through this week, as we've recently found out through Saberman, that a rather interesting looking game has been released for the ZX Spectrum called 'Tardigrade'. This game available to download for free and for all 16K ZX-Spectrums, puts you in control of a mighty Tardigrade; an extremophile that is out in the far reaches of space looking to eat its favorite food Toffee Sweets; Sweets that have been scattered across the galaxy left over in a box of Quality Street.

Video for Mobile Users

As noted by the website : Collect the toffee pennies before the air runs out. Flip levers to open pathways. Go to the exit. 20 levels. You bounce off walls, but are killed by spikes and baddies. Your score is entirely based on the air bonus. Once you collect the final toffee penny, the air depletes faster, so bear that in mind. It's a hard game, so if you can complete it with about 30 fails, you can consider yourself a master.

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