CPC SOCCER 22 - A rather cool Football/Soccer game for your Amstrad CPC gets a release!

I personally am not a fan of anything Football related both as a game or on the TV, pretty much the only game I have ever enjoyed was the classic game of Sensible Soccer on the Commodore Amiga. Still there is one game that comes recommended via XeNoMoRPH, and as a heads up from the developer themselves as Voxel Tower, is the rather decent Football/Soccer game of 'CPC SOCCER 22'; an exciting 8-bit game that works on both the Amstrad CPC 464 and the 6128.

Dribbles, fouls, cards, injuries, shots, passes, tactics, changes, friendly matches, cup, four simultaneous players, player stats and much more are all in this fine footy game from VoxelTower. And if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite to play it right now, is this game is very fast and very fun, to play alone against the CPU or with more friends in one of the best retro soccer game in glorious 8bit for the Amstrad CPC!

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