Turrican 2 as a work in progress MS-DOS to AMIGA AGA conversion gets a new World 3 tease (HOT NEWS)

Another great Amiga update through Indie Retro News on this very early Tuesday morning, as we've just found out through Saberman on Facebook, that Muzza has just released a new demo world 3 for the work in progress MS-DOS to Amiga conversion of the classic action shooter game Turrican II. The second game in the Turrican series, which was originally developed by Factor 5 in the 90's and released on the Amiga, C64, CDTV, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum, and later for DOS.

As we said before when the game was previously announced as the first teaser. Not only is this version of Turrican 2 a work in progress conversion of the MS-DOS release which was created as a project to learn ASM, and much of written in C at the end. But the game is basically the same as the Amiga version we know and love still to this day, while featuring more colors and higher details pretty much as soon as you start playing the game.

For those of you who want to know what's different compared to the first and second demo we tried some months back, it now features new enemy behavior, less bitplanes over the previous levels as this level uses less colours than the first world, a reduced blitter pressure compensating for the added cost of the parallax, all 3 levels from World 3 (all the spaceship levels) are included, all the enemies and bosses are now working, the player can now die but has infinite lives, there may be some balancing issues, World 3-2 has a parallax layer which is improved from the MS-DOS version, as well as other improvements and features which have also been improved from the MS-DOS version.

Some info on the development from the developer:

Normally the game has separate code modules, so the code that controls the enemies is only in RAM for the levels that need it. I've made the mistake of not testing on real hardware recently and discovered today that something has broken it (works fine under emulation). So this build has the code modules turned off - the only difference to the end user is the loading times and how much Fast RAM it requires. But I do need to fix this next and I'm not particularly looking forward to painful debugging cycle of transferring files between PC and Amiga, running it, crashing it, rebooting, etc.

If you read one of my previous posts, I had 95% of this demo ready more than a month ago. So why has taken so long? One reason is real life getting in the way - dealing with lawyers and a neighbor dispute has zapped a lot of time. The other reason is that I've made a large change to the way I develop the game. I had created a tool that allowed you to change everything - you could redo all graphics, music, maps and enemy behaviour and then have it output a completely different game. I thought this was a good idea when I started, but in the end it resulted in spending 90% of my time working on the tool, and the complexity was growing out of control. So I've completely cut down the tool to the basics that I need to get the game done and hopefully going forward I can put 90% of my time into the game and only 10% into the tool.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download

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