A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from Indie Retro News

Here we are again with another Christmas and what a year it has been, full of incredible retro games such as Snow Force, Briley Witch Chronicles, Scramble Infinity and Sonic The Hedgehog on the C64, to Turbo Tomato, The Shadows of Sergoth on the Amiga and even more amazing games such as Nothing, TOKIMAL and Space Racing on the ZX Spectrum. I mean seriously I could be here all day listing the greatness that has appeared throughout 2021! 

But rather than do a full article I just wanted to say not only a huge thank you to everyone that keeps coming back to Indie Retro News, but also a bigger thank you to those of you who have supported me throughout what was a very tough time with life as well. So while I am extremely grateful to all of you, I really hope that everyone that visits the site not only has a great Christmas but an amazing new year full of great retro gaming cheer too!

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